general information
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Our services aim to protect the wide spectrum of interests of those ordering road maintenance. As the founding members of our company believe that the interests of those ordering road maintenance have not been sufficiently protected, we are ready to help our clients in every possible way, using our experience and both our theoretical and practical knowledge on road-related issues; we also help to solve technical problems.
The main task of HKV Teedearendus is to advise those ordering road maintenance in the following:
1) Studying the road network and defining development directions (traffic censuses, transportation flow and logistics, renovation objects, road registries);
2) Giving expert assessments to road projects, providing consultation to the projector, calculating the costs;
3) Helping the Ordering Party in conducting competitions for road maintenance and in the work of assessment commissions;
4) Managing road maintenance projects; organizing and carrying out owner surveillance;
5) Monitoring the status of the road network and its elements, along with assessing the need for additional works (including the status of road surface, traffic control, maintenance, and objects under warranty).

We feel that due to the high specificity of road maintenance , the cooperation between a road owner and a specialist must be especially intense and constructive, in order to guarantee that the road maintenance is carried out with extremely high quality.
We hope that we have managed to give you a sufficient overview of the aims and directions of our activities and we are ready to help you in achieving these aims.